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Students dress up for masquerade dance

The eighth annual masquerade dance on Saturday, sponsored by Student Senate and Nite Life, offered many opportunities for dancing, food, games and crafts.

As dance-goers entered through a cloud of smoke into the Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex, they were handed a glow-stick to add to the experience. They continued down a staircase lined with plastic pumpkins containing a candle in the center.

The bottom of the staircase was encased by a dome of spider webs and a sign reading, “This way to the dungeon.”  The fieldhouse’s basement was transformed into a dance floor with spiders, skulls and bats hanging from the ceiling.

“I loved the decorations,” said freshman Ben Franz, who dressed up as a rapper. “They did a great job.”

DJ Zhem, a DJ who has played at other Calvin events including the Buck Friday’s carnival, was in charge of music for the night.

Students and faculty danced to hits like “Gangnam Style” and Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”  There were also classic line dances such as the “Wobble” and the “Cupid Shuffle.”

Many students, including freshmen Haley Garfield, enjoyed the event.

“I liked the dancing aspect,” Garfield said. “It was fun to be able to just let loose.”

Freshman Ally Carter said that overall she liked the dance and thought it was a good event, but she still had some reservations.
“There were some songs you couldn’t dance to,” Carter said. “Others were good though.”

Franz appreciated the DJ and thought the lighting effects added much to the atmosphere on the dance floor.

“I liked the part when they turned down the lights and only had the blue light,” said Franz. “It made the dancing more fun.”

Refreshments, including Papa John’s pizza, donuts and a concoction called “Calvin punch,” were also available. Not to mention there were mounds of candy that contributed to the Halloween theme.

“The food was good,” said freshman Freddie Ankomah. “Any chance for food other than dining hall food is always good.”

While the dancing was in full swing and the food was being consumed downstairs, there were other festivities taking place in the fieldhouse lobby.

Students competed in games of octaball, a game similar to dodgeball which often makes an appearance at Nite Life events.

There was a picture station for groups to pose for pictures in their Halloween garbs. The station had a table full of props, such as tennis rackets and scarves, to use in the pictures.

To contribute to the masquerade, students decorated masks using supplies like glitter and feathers.

Students had fun planning and putting together costumes to wear to the dance.

“It was cool seeing everyone dressed up,” Garfield said. She had dressed as a Native American.

Many different people and characters made appearances, including the Michelin Man, the Blue Man Group and the Joker.

Students expressed appreciation for the event and other planned events put on by Student Senate and Nite Life.

Junior Erin Kelley thought the event was well-organized and enjoyed going to the dance with friends.

Freshman Natalie McDonald, who went as a firefighter, agreed. “It’s nice that Calvin offers good, clean events so that we can do something different than just hang out in our room,” she said.

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