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Campaigns see Latino voters as deciders in three key states

For the current election, campaigns see Latino voters as deciders in three key states: Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

In fact, “Mr. Obama and his supporters have outspent Mr. Romney and his backers nearly 2 to 1 on advertising on Spanish language television stations in three of the most closely contested states — Colorado, Florida and Nevada  — including a new advertisement in which Mr. Obama makes a personal appeal for support, speaking entirely in Spanish.”

In fact, President Obama’s campaign and its supporters have spent $8.9 million on Spanish language television stations in Colorado, Florida and Nevada while Romney only used $4.6 million. On the other hand, Romney’s advisers have said that “most Hispanics speak English and consider the economy, not immigration, the top issue.”

Romney’s advisers have opted to rely on the many ads on television. However, depending on the strategies of President Obama and Romney, the turnout in the three states is potentially critical.

President Obama is trying to get more votes from amongst the Hispanics while Romney is trying to prevent President Obama from getting any more votes from the Hispanics in the three states.

Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager, said, “We have been organizing on the ground. And that is a community that is difficult to organize on the ground unless you have real support in the community.”

As of yet, it seems that the Hispanics are still divided on who to vote for. Camilia Peterson, 65, said, “Obama understands your struggles. He is one of us,” to a family of Mexican immigrants in Longmont, Colorado.

Pauline Olvera, 46, an American working at a Romney campaign office said she was calling back voters, who, in her opinion, needed “just an extra push.”

Messina stated, “Although the number of Latino voters are growing, they have more influence in Colorado, Nevada and Florida.” The voting population of Latinos has increased in Colorado and Nevada.

In Florida, there has been an increase in Puerto Rican voters, a more Democratic group compared to the heavily Republican Cuban voters.

Messina also stated, “If you’re looking at a place to get new votes, that’s the place.”

Although there is a new pool of potential supporters for the Democrats, Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, a Republican campaigning for Romney says Romney is catching up and that “President Obama has made a lot of empty promises.”

However, President Obama is hoping to take advantage of the backlash among many Latino voters against tough immigration measures accepted by Romney. And it does seem that Romney is having a harder time getting Latino votes.

From a recent polling of Latino voters, the Pew Hispanic Center survey found out that 61 percent said that the Democrats were more concerned than the Republicans about the Hispanic people. Only 10 percent said that the Republicans were more concerned. This poll showed that President Obama was leading Romney. As of now, President Obama’s biggest challenge is turnout.

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