Students line up in hundreds for fall SAO concerts

Over 700 students lined up last Wednesday to buy a Calvin record-breaking 1,768 Fun. tickets when combined with staff purchases, as well as 1,047 Regina Spektor tickets, 47 more than the student activities office (SAO) originally allotted.

When Ingrid Michaelson tickets went on sale Monday, students made sure to arrive early.

The line for Ingrid Michaelson tickets spilled outside the doors of the Covenant Fine Arts Center (CFAC) several hours before tickets were to go on sale Monday at 7 p.m.

Junior Hannah Leisman claimed a spot at the front of the line, along with fellow junior Clara Harding and seniors Lauren Boersma, Emily Westmaas and Heather Tills.

“We’ve been here since 1:30,” Leisman said, relaxing on one of the lobby couches with homework in tow.

“We got sick of waiting for hours to get Regina Spektor and Fun. tickets, so we decided to show up early this time, Boersma explained. “The couches are a plus,” she added.

Leisman characterized herself as a “casual observer” of Ingrid Michaelson’s music, while Boersma considers herself to be a “moderately-sized fan.”

Ken Heffner, director of student activities, did not know exactly how many students waited in line Monday, but said that 450 of the 500 available student tickets for the concert were sold that day. By Tuesday night, the SAO website listed the concert as sold out.