Calvin ranks No. 11 on LGBT-unfriendly list

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Calvin showed up as No. 11 on the most Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)-unfriendly list, along with several other Christian schools.

The ranking came from the Princeton Review’s annual list of the 377 best colleges. Rankings were determined based on surveys taken by students across the country.

Grove City College, College of the Ozarks and Wheaton College all resided in the top five, with the University of Notre Dame headlining the Division I schools at number five.

For vice president of student life Shirley Hoogstra, the categorical labels and rankings may be more harmful than they are helpful.

“I don’t like the category label.  And I am not a fan of dividing students over a particular quality,” said Hoogstra. “It brings out the “we/they” polarity of this discussion we have been rejecting.”

Calvin has been steadily increasing awareness and discussion on the topic, with groups like SAGA (Sexuality Awareness, Gender Acceptance) initializing many aspects of the movement. However, as a school with a Christian founding and mission, the issue will be a complicated one for years to come.

“Calvin is committed to making all their students flourish regardless of sexual orientation and we are committed to living out our commitment to being disciples of Jesus Christ,” Hoogstra stated.

“It is not perfect here at Calvin for our LGBT students, but there is a home here, and they contribute a great deal to our community.”