Schultze-Eldersveld wins Cup of Participation, 76 percent of residents compete


Schultze-Eldersveld took home the Cup of Participation as well as the Chaos Day title, with 76% of residents participating. Photo by Chantelle Yazzie

Schultze-Eldersveld (SE) brought out 76 percent of its dorm population for the annual Chaos Day event, helping to bring home not only the victory, but the Cup of Participation as well.

Junior Ali Wiers, a resident assistant in the dorm, listed energy, positivity, and unity as some of the ways SE is able to get its residents pumped up and excited to participate.

All seven dorms had at least 50 percent of their residents out on the field, whether they were participating in the games or there to cheer on the team.  But with 173 of its 228 residents waking up early and heading out to the field, SE swept away the competition.

71 percent of residents in Beets-Veenstra participated, while Noordewier-VanderWerp and Boer-Bennink tied with 67 percent of residents competing. Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken, Rooks-VanDellen, and Bolt-Heyns Timmer got 63 percent, 58 percent, and 51 percent of residents participate, respectively.

Residents say that SE Resident Director Emily Colledge has a lot to do with the large community effort.

“We wanted to do it for Emily,” said Meg Schmidt, an SE freshman.  “She’s never lost.”

Colledge returned as RD of SE this year, but previously won several Chaos Day championships with the dorm during its winning streak in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

“[She] said she wanted us to win both and we did,” said Lydia Koning, another freshman in the dorm.  “She kept the dynasty.”