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Schultze-Eldersveld dominates Chaos Day, restores dynasty

Schultze-Eldersveld dominated the field on Saturday morning, winning the tug-of-war on its way to an 11-point victory over runner-up Rooks-VanDellen.

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“I came back for unfinished business,” said Schultze-Eldersveld (SE) Resident Director Emily Colledge.

She finished business on Saturday by adding another victory to her undefeated Chaos Day record and leading SE to the 2012 Chaos Day title.

Colledge helmed a SE three-peat from 2003 to 2005, and, after leaving the dorm, returned this year with unmatched tenacity. Many are claiming that a new Chaos Day dynasty has begun for the firefighters.

Held indoors at the Huizenga Tennis and Track Center, almost 1,200 students attended the 44th Chaos Day. Tension was high from the earliest moments.

When asked how important claiming Chaos Day victory was, SE sophomore Kara Suppan replied with her personal hierarchy of needs, “Jesus. Breathing. Winning Chaos Day,” she said.

Schultze-Eldersveld also won the Cup of Participation. Boer-Bennink, tying for sixth, won the Cup of Perspective.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said SE sophomore Nick VanDam after the win. “We trained, we had confidence, and we have love for the other dorms. It feels so good to return to the dynasty to SE.”

Two-time defending champion Beets-Veenstra (BV) could not complete the three-peat that so many had predicted.

“We’re disappointed,” said sophomore Mike Bloem, “We tried our best, but just came up short.”

Battle of the Bye winner Rooks-VanDellen (RVD) could not defeat the bye curse and finished a distant second with 37 points.

Noordwier-VanderWerp (NVW), winners of the Geography Jam, placed third overall with 34 points. Beets-Veenstra (BV) and Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van-Reken (KHvR) had 31 and 30 points respectively while Bolt-Heyns-Timmer (BHT) had Boer-Bennink tied for last place with 29 points each.

The event began with President Michael Le Roy running in with an Olympic-style torch, after which he declared, “May the best residence hall win!”

“All the teams are so impressive the spirit is amazing,” said Le Roy.

Moses, a large golden statue with a storied history at Calvin, also made an appearance.

Team spirit was abundant with no shortage of competitiveness. “Chaos Day is the lifeblood of all excitement that is held throughout the year,” said junior Atticus Getz.

“This is the year of the white bison!” said Noordewier-VanderWerp (NVW) freshman Ofili Ichaba referring to its dorm mascot, the bison.

Junior Paul Van Bemden of Bolt-Heyns-Timmer (BHT) hoped the Dr. Seuss dorm theme would bring them victory, saying their strategy involved “a little bit of community, a little bit of brotherhood and a lot of truffula trees.”

SE sophomore Paul Martin predicted a victory early on saying, “Everyone has their time and today is ours.”

True to Martin’s prediction, SE jumped to an early lead by winning the inner tube relay. “That was pure heart,” said freshman Kent McRuer adding, “and we had a pretty good breakfast.”

A good breakfast wasn’t the only thing accompanying SE. Leading the dorm to the competition was Grand Rapids Fire Department Engine #6 and its captain, Tim Szotko.

“I don’t know who’s going to win, there’s a lot of energy in that building. It’s going to be a fun day for everyone, and we’re just happy to be a part of it,” said Szotko.

SE continued its winning ways all morning. After victory in the inner tube relay, they championed the sweat suit swap relay and the plank walk.

“SE won by a larger margin than I expected,” said Dean of Resident Life John Witte, “but everybody had their moment.”

Troy Vander Hoek, a resident assistant in BV was still able to find solace in the loss. “The real winner today was The Wobble,” he said referring to the dance that nearly every Chaos Day participant performed simultaneously.

After SE was declared the winner, students rallied after their win to congratulate their beloved RD chanting, “Emily! Emily! Emily!”

“I’m proud of SE,” said a thrilled Colledge.

“This is the best feeling in the world! I’m so proud to be an RA here,” said Sam Schuiteman following the win.

Schuiteman was quick to predict the coming of another SE dynasty: “For many years to come, I don’t think this reign will fall.”

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