Le Roy speaks to begin academic year


“What will you do with this privilege?” asked Chaplain Mary Hulst, reminding students of a college education. Photo by Rick Truer

“I am so eager to get started,” began Calvin’s newly-selected president, Michael Le Roy, in his address for convocation.

On Tuesday, students, faculty and alumni of Calvin College gathered for the year’s convocation ceremony. Many came to hear newly-selected President Le Roy speak at his first convocation.

“He’s a good speaker,” sophomore Rachael Rund said afterwards. She said she had come specifically to hear the president’s address, and was impressed with what she heard. “I liked what he had to say, especially the personal side.”

Freshman Cassandra Hooyer agreed.

“He’s new and all, but he was really confident. I thought it was really powerful,” she said.

Although many eyes were on the president, the service itself placed the attention back on faculty and students, specifically welcoming the class of 2012.

The incoming class was challenged to make the most of their college experience. Chaplain Mary Hulst reminded students that only 3 percent of the world has access to an American college education.

“What will you do with this privilege?” she asked the students.

President Le Roy continued the challenge to the students, addressing them on how both truth and grace are necessary to fulfill Calvin’s mission to “pledge fidelity to Christ.” Le Roy used humorous and inspiring anecdotes from his own life, as well as reflections from the Bible.

The convocation service also included multicultural worship, prayers of dedication and a procession of the faculty, in addition to performances by the Calvin Brass Choir and soloist Charsie Sawyer.

The mood was optimistic as the packed arena emptied. Professors rushed ahead to get to their own classes and new students studied their schedules carefully. Many, like Le Roy, seemed excited to begin the year.