Chaos Day Preview: Schultze-Eldersveld


Schultze-Eldersveld hopes to regain its dynasty from powerhouse Beets-Veenstra on Saturday. Photo by Ryan Struyk

Schultze-Eldersveld is confident that they will come out of this Chaos Day as the victors.

Emily Colledge, who led Schultze-Eldersveld (SE) to three consecutive victories from 2002-2005, has returned as the dorm’s resident director this year, and she is ready to fight.

“The dynasty is coming back,” she said.

Longtime rival Beets-Veenstra (BV) has taken home the top prize at Chaos Day the past two years, and Colledge says she will not let it happen again. This attitude is echoed by residents, as evidenced in sophomore Patrick Anderson — ironically the deskie for BV.

“SE is going to win,” he said.

“I don’t lose. We are predestined to win,” Colledge stated, with a confidence hearkening back to the former days of SE dominance.

Despite this, Colledge claims that SE has “nothing but love” for Beets-Veenstra.

“We want to spread love through [our] victory,” she explained.