Chaos Day Preview: Rooks-VanDellen


Rooks-VanDellen hopes to be the first villains to win, according to Andrea Prins, resident director. Photo by Ryan Struyk

After finishing in the middle of the pack in Chaos Day 2011, Rooks-VanDellen has set its sights on the championship in 2012.

“People are excited. Our goal this year is to be the first villains that win,” said Resident Director Andrea Prins, referring to the dorm’s villain theme.

Sources could not confirm if these villains had any tricks up their sleeve for Saturday morning. “I don’t know, do we?” quipped Kandin Unger, a resident assistant.

RVD has its eyes set on victory.

“The key is getting buy-in from the freshmen and having the sophomores be hyped and encouraging people,” said Prins.

“I’m aiming for us to have a lot of fun. I want us to really enjoy it,” said Unger. “The key this year is … getting there and just screaming. Cheers are so key.”

But RVD also has its eyes on the competition: 2010 and 2011 champions Beets-Veenstra.

“Beets-Veenstra. Look out for them,” warned Unger. “They won last year; they know how to [win].”