Chaos Day Preview: Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken


KHvR hopes to gain on its momentum from a third place finish in 2011. Photo by Ryan Struyk

While most dorms approach Chaos Day with confidence and bravado every year, residents of Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken (KHvR) have expressed a cautiously tempered optimism.

“I hope that KHvR builds on last year and comes up with a victory,” Ian Graham, sophomore student said.

But a van Reken RA, who wished to remain nameless, felt a little less hopeful.

“We don’t have much of a chance, but we did come in third last year,” said the RA, formerly of two-time Chaos Day champion Beets-Veenstra.

“We have at least a 1 in 7 chance.”

He did go on to add that dressing up improved the experience somewhat — he was at least “semi-excited” about wearing a gladiator costume.

The KHvR theme has been the subject of some confusion this year, with disagreements between the the RAs of the three halls. Though officially given as “Greco-Roman,” some have taken this to mean Greek, others Roman and in at least one case, Peruvian.

But Graham is still hopeful despite the eristic atmosphere surrounding their theme.

“We may have fewer than 300 warriors in our dorm, but I can promise we will defend the name of KHvR like our brothers before us at Thermopylae [sic],” Graham vowed.