Chaos Day Preview: Boer-Bennink


Boer-Bennick hopes to pose a threat to favorite Beets-Veenstra on Saturday. Photo by Ryan Struyk

Boer-Bennink may not be the consensus favorite for the 2012 Chaos Day, or for any Chaos Day in recent memory, but they’re not looking at it that way.

Sophomore resident assistant Jeremy Smith stated that he expected BB to do “very well this year. Much more competitive.”

However, Smith did concede that their competitiveness may be their only undoing.

“Our only weakness could be that we’re too competitive,” Smith stated. “We might use all of our strongest people first, and then be too worn down by the end of the day.”

BB’s biggest advantage may be its strength in numbers. While BB is not the largest dorm by any means, their participation over the last few years has been stellar, winning the Participation Cup multiple times.

A high participation rate, fueled by the ever-inspiring Benny the Boar, will be the key factor if the Scooby-Doo themed dorm is to be relevant in this year’s games.

While the dorm’s attitude may not be as cutthroat as a few other dorms are known for, BB does have at least one clear benchmark in mind: beating Beets-Veenstra, the back-to-back Chaos Day champions over the last two years.

“We may not win, but as long as we beat BV, I’ll be happy,” Smith confided.