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Air pollution kills millions

Michael Messina

February 18, 2016

Air pollution is killing millions of people every year, making it a global public health concern. Research released on Feb. 12 suggests that over 5.5 million people die every year as a result of breathing in too much pollut...

Far From Home

Far From Home

April 10, 2015

India Launches Mars Probe Mission

Jonathan Hielkema

November 13, 2013

On Nov. 5, the Indian government launched its first mission to the fourth planet from the sun. It hopes to both consolidate its scientific progress over the past few decades and leap ahead of regional rival China’s formidable s...

Hindu religious festival Kumbh Mela brings millions to the Ganges

Julia Gho

February 13, 2013

Kumbh Mela, an Indian festival, is the largest gathering of people for a religious purpose. Almost 80 million people are expected to visit the Ganges river during the 55-day festival. Kumbh, a Sanskrit word for “pitcher,” i...

Awareness grows for women’s rights in India

Julia Gho

January 19, 2013

Recently, there has been increase in sexual assaults against women on public transport in India. Although India goes through crisis after crisis, little seems to change and the anger eventually dies down. However, because of t...