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Photo by Lisa Beth Anderson.
Photo by Lisa Beth Anderson.

Want some journalistic writing tips? Check out Writing 101 page.

Who writes for Chimes?

Anyone can write for Chimes! Students from every year and many different majors contribute articles about things that interest them. Chimes writers are students with opinions, with passions, with a nose for news or an interest in the world. Whether you want to write about campus events or the latest blockbuster, there’s a place for you in the paper.

How much of a time commitment is writing for Chimes?

It depends! Some of our writers write once per week and others write once per month. Most writers should allow 2-3 hours to research, interview people and write up each story, but every writer is different and every article is different. Though there are weekly deadlines, writing articles can be done on your own time, so it fits easily into any schedule.

What if I don’t have any experience?

You don’t need to be an English major to write for Chimes, and you don’t need any experience with journalism. Our editors’ majors range from computer science to sociology and from international relations to mathematics. The only way to get experience is to try it out! Wherever you’re coming from, our team of editors is more than happy to work with you.

How do I start to write for Chimes?

Most writers have a section that particularly interests them. Contact the section editor to see how you can get involved as a staff writer for that section. All email addresses are [email protected]

Campus News

Want to inform about all things Calvin? Contact Kate Parsons (kap29) or Laura Sheppard (les34).

Local News

Excited to learn and share about where you’re living? Contact Sierra Savela (sns6)

Arts and Entertainment

Love music, movies, concerts, art, and culture? Share your passion with Christian Becker (ceb27).


Want to talk about how faith intersects with life at Calvin, or discuss religion in general? Contact Katelyn Bosch (kmb53).


Interested in spotlighting certain aspects of Calvin College through a lengthy feature, short video or illustration? Contact Hayley Cox (hnc2) or Ericka Buitenhuis (elb26)


Are you a Knight for Life? Sports fans should contact Brian Exner (bee4)

Science and Technology

Always up-to-date on the newest technology or scientific breakthroughs? Contact Natasha Strydhorst (nas24)

Opinion and Editorial

Are you articulate in your opinions? Do you have an eye for change?  Contact Nathan Slauer (ncs7)

Why should I write for Chimes?

Writing for Chimes is one of the best ways to get involved at Calvin. Chimes has a wide audience, with newspapers distributed all over campus, and a strong online presence. Chimes stories have been picked up by local newspapers and shared on social media sites. As a writer, you may find yourself interviewing guest speakers, reporting on breaking faculty decisions or influencing what the campus is talking about.

Whatever your major, Chimes can help you prepare for your future. If you’re in the sciences, you can learn to write about science in a way that interests others. If you’re in film studies, this is a chance to get your reviews read. And if you’re at all interested in journalism, there’s no better way to prepare for your future!

How do I get stories to write about?

Write about what you’re interested in, because chances are someone else will be interested too. Write about things that catch your eye and pitch your idea to one of our editors. But don’t worry too much if you can’t think of something to write about. Our team of editors will be more than happy to give you ideas and assignments.

Are there other ways to get involved with Chimes?

Chimes always needs more copy editors to proofread stories before they go into print. Copy editors are essential to publishing high-quality stories. To get involved, contact head copy editor Grace Ruiter (gar4)

Chimes also welcomes student photographers to cover everything from concerts to campus events. Photographers should contact our online editor Alden Hartopo (jah62)

Who should I contact if I have questions that aren’t on this list?

Email our editor in chief Lauren DeHaan (lmd26) or contact our general email [email protected] We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions!