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Campus Target brings students to Christ

Members of Campus Target build relationships with Chinese college students. Photo courtesy Mission Finder.

According to Campus Target representative Alex Seidler, God can use just one person — any one person — to demonstrate his radical love to those who need it most. Seidler spoke at “Just One,” a lecture introducing Calvin students to Campus Target ministries, last Wednesday afternoon. The lecture was presented by Voice for Missions, Calvin’s missions organization led by students Anna Piazza and Araceli Jaimes.

Campus Target is a missions organization that recruits and trains individuals from around the world to travel to China and share the gospel with college students. “Half a world away there are millions of college students who have never heard of Jesus,” the website says. “That’s a problem.”

Seidler joined Campus Target in 2006 and has been traveling back and forth to China since. Although Campus Target is a smaller organization with about 50 members, it has had an immense influence on China’s underground church. In part, this is because many students in China are already curious about the Gospel and Western culture.

Seidler said one of the organization’s guiding principles is to “invest in the few to reach the many.” At times, a group of five members will face a campus of 30,000 students who likely have never heard the Gospel. Despite these odds, Seidler and other members of Campus Target continue to share the Gospel with whomever they can.

Piazza, who helped organize the event, recalled: “He talked about the sower and the seed in Matthew 13, and about how there was just one sower. God calls us to be sowers so that we can recklessly share — with love — the seed God has given us.”

Seidler has seen God multiply individual efforts on more than one occasion. He shared the story of how he bonded with one student, Roy, after playing basketball. Though this connection, Seidler was able to share the gospel with Roy. Later on, Seidler learned that Roy was president of his class and had given a speech to his peers about believing in Christ. This speech eventually allowed more students to accept the Gospel as truth.

Campus Target has been instrumental in bringing hundreds of Chinese college students to Christ. Today, the organization continues to invest in local churches, empower local leadership and share Christ’s love on college campuses.

Regardless of whether students anticipate serving in a missions organization such as Campus Target, Seidler had a relevant message to share.

Piazza said, “Often we’re told, wait for the right moment, be cautious about who you share [the Gospel] with. But when you share with love, and when you spread the seed, it’s God working. [Seidler] said that the more people you share the gospel with, the more people will be saved. And that just makes sense.”

Piazza co-leads the student group Voice for Missions, which hosted this event. Voice for Missions helps connect students interested in mission work with resources and organizations. It hosts missions’ speakers and also connects students to missions-related service opportunities in the community.

The group is open to all students: “I believe God calls us all to partake in missions in some way,” said Piazza. “Part of our mission is to fill people up and encourage them of what God is doing outside of Calvin.”

To learn more about Voice for Mission and missions organizations like Campus Target, email [email protected] or attend the Spring Missions Organizations Fair on March 8 in the library lobby.

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