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Local churches: The Well

The Well is a local, non-denominational church with the desire to heal, restore, train and send out members to influence and revive the world. Located about fifteen minutes from campus in Kentwood, The Well offers weekly Sunday services at 10 a.m. in addition to several other programs.

Junior Christian Rodriguez has been attending The Well for about a year. One of the reasons he continues to attend it because of the vibrant worship he experiences week to week.

“Worship is one of the most important things at The Well,” said Rodriguez. “Once worship begins, you begin to automatically feel the presence of God. It is an overwhelmingly beautiful atmosphere.” For Rodriguez, The Well consistently and effectively provides a space for him to encounter the presence of the One True God.

Worship at The Well is typically contemporary, and is led by a full worship band.

Rodriguez is one of many college students who attend The Well. “The Well loves college students,” said Rodriguez. “There are students from Cornerstone and Calvin and the church is very welcoming in the sense that the people in the congregation make you feel like you are at home.”

Although there are no ministries explicitly targeting college students, the welcoming congregation and comfortable, relatable atmosphere make students feel at home. One way The Well makes attenders feel welcomed is through the Living Room Café, which offers breakfast and hot beverages, including specialty coffee, before and after the Sunday service.

The Well functions as a home for anyone and everyone. “The congregation is very diverse,” said Rodriguez. “There are people from many nations and The Well is a unique place that welcomes different individuals.”

Likewise, sermons are welcoming by being especially accessible and applicable to college students. “The pastors really know the word, and they make it easy for one to understand,” Rodriguez said. The Well has an extensive leadership team, including a senior leader, senior associate leader, worship director and teams of executive leaders, in addition to many others.

Another defining characteristic of The Well is its many ministries and events. One central ministry is IMPACT, The Well’s small group ministry. “Impact groups are essentially groups that gather weekly in someone’s home to build family, learn and worship together,” Rodriguez said. Another ministry is Kingdom Living, a ministry which offers intensive classroom training on discipleship, faith and leadership.

The Well also offers a children’s ministry called Fire Starters for children ages 0-5 to attend during the morning service. According to the church website, “We believe that through our kids, we will see cities transformed, lives made whole, the dead come to life and so much more.”

In addition to these ministries, The Well offers Awaken, a worship night held the first Friday of the month at 7 p.m.

As the website says, The Well envisions being a place ”where God is exalted, His love and Presence are experienced, and the world is revived.” To learn more or become involved, visit the church website or Facebook page.

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