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Knights of Calvin: Dave Brown

Photo courtesy Calvin Sports Information.
Photo courtesy Calvin Sports Information.

Name: Dave Brown

Year: Junior

Sport: Tennis

Major: Math Secondary Education

“Hi, I’m Dave Brown, and I really like puppies. I have been playing tennis for seven years, starting from my freshman year in highschool.”

Brown is from Lake Zurich, Illinois. He plays tennis for Calvin, but he claims to be a “true baller” inside. He is also the RA for 3rd VanDellen.

Why are you interested in your major

I really think that education is super important. I’ve been influenced by lots of teachers and coaches, and I want to be that influence. I chose math because I really loved math for most of my high school years, and also I think that math is a growing field that we need more people to be interested in.

What skills have you learned from playing tennis?

I’ve learned to keep calm about things, also keeping my composure. It can make things harder because in tennis your opponents can see that and can play off of that.

I also learned that I don’t need the best skills because I definitely don’t hit the hardest or the best shots in the team. But knowing your game and your situation and knowing how to best do with what you have can make a huge difference.

How does playing tennis affect you in other parts of your life, such as academics or other areas?

Being on the tennis team and as an RA, I have to be accountable. I have people that care about my academics because if i don’t there is a chance that I won’t be able to play tennis or be an RA. Sometimes, playing tennis can sometimes be a break from school. It gives my mind a rest, and pumps blood into you. Sometimes you just need to stop thinking for a bit. Also, like any other team or club, you have your teammates to support you.

How do you feel about the coming tennis season?

I’m ready for the matches to start because I’m kinda getting tired of playing my teammates. I love them, but I’d rather play new opponents.

What’s your favorite tennis brand?


As an RA and as a tennis player, how do you manage your time?

I’m still trying to figure that out. I just do. When I’m not doing RA duties or tennis duties, I’ll do any school works that I need to do. Sometimes, I needed to ask for days off, and Coach Ross was very gracious in allowing me time needed. This was because in the fall I was a teacher’s aide in a classroom four days a week for three hours.

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