New campus wide Bible study will cover Revelation


Photo courtesy Calvin College Campus Ministries

This semester, campus ministries introduces a campus-wide Bible study on the book of Revelation. This marks the seventh annual campus-wide Bible study at Calvin, and the study of Revelation will go from Sept. 12 to Thanksgiving. Bible studies can be found or formed on dorm floors, in apartment buildings, within departments — the possibilities are endless. When studying Revelation, students and faculty members join others around the globe participating in the Bible study on many of Calvin’s off-campus programs.  

The Bible study will walk through 10 passages throughout the book of Revelation, accompanied by N.T. Wright’s “Revelation for Everyone.” As an added incentive to purchase Wright’s book, it is on sale at the campus store.

Revelation is filled with images some find terrifying; however, the contents of Revelation are no less relevant than other parts of scripture.

Chaplain Mary Hulst explained, “It was a book written to people who were deeply worried about their world. It seemed that everything was falling apart, and Christians were under significant persecution. God gives them the gift of this book to encourage them and remind them that he is in control. I think that’s a message that all of us need.”

Even students who have studied Revelation on their own will grow from joining a Bible study: “It’s a great way to get into the rhythm of reading scripture weekly with other people,” Hulst added, “This is how the church has grown through the centuries. Only recently in church history has someone been able to read scripture all by themselves. This takes us back to the roots of how the church was formed. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about other people, to have great discussions and to pray with and for each other.”

The Bible study also complements what the Calvin community is learning in chapel and LOFT services. Hulst used the metaphor of a diamond: “You want to see light through all of the facets.”

To join a Bible study, students in the dorm can talk to their Barnabas; other students can join a non-dorm group by going to the Bible study page on Calvin’s website. It is also easy to become a Bible study leader; sign ups and resources are available online and the book is available for Bible study leaders in campus ministries office. Training for Bible study leaders is available Thursday, Sept. 8 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Meeter Center Lecture Hall.

“Whether you are new to faith or have grown up in church, the Bible study is written to prompt good conversations about things that matter,” Hulst said. “No matter where you are on your faith journey, there is something in the study that you will find helpful. We encourage everyone to give it a try. Plus, there is no homework!”