The Things We do for Love: Calvin Theatre Company Presents Love’s Labour’s Lost


Photo of the cast for Love’s Labours Lost, premiering this weekend. Photo credit Natalie Henderson

If you think Shakespeare at Calvin consists of actors standing around in Renaissance gowns, playing lutes and droning on in antiquated English, think again. The Calvin Theatre Company’s upcoming show, Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” is not what you’d expect. This play has its fair share of comedic relief, sharp wit and music, all with a modern twist. In the show, four hipsters move to the woods, making vows with the intention of living studious lives. They give up their iPhones and promise to not see women for three years straight. Of course, this vow can’t last long, and soon enough four independent women — witty, strong-willed and brazen — show up and win the hearts of each man on the scene. You may have thought the men were in control, but the ladies quickly take over and show the boys who’s really in charge.

So as to not give away the end, the summary will stop here, but the story twists and turns before you know it. The ending is unexpected, to say the least. This caricature of the lengths we go to for love will not only make you laugh, but it will do what a truly good play does — it will challenge you and make you think much more deeply about the way we look at roles, relationships and the promises we make.  Showings are April 21-23 and 28-30 at 7:30 p.m., and you can buy tickets at the Calvin Box Office.