Audience reflective after Daughter’s ambient and introspective performance

Daughter, an independent rock group based out of London, played at Calvin this past Wednesday. The warm yet slightly misty day set the mood well for an introspective evening concert laced with ambient sounds and edged with heavy rock beats.

Daughter is made up of Elena Tonra (lead vocals and guitar), Igor Haefeli (guitar) and Remi Aguilella (drums) as well as an additional member on tour who played keys, guitar and also sang backup vocals. The band came out with their second album “To Not Disappear” this past January, three years after their debut album, “If You Leave.”

The stage displayed a huge rendering of the band’s most recent album cover as well as a simple, balanced instrumental set-up and lights that corresponded with the beats of the music.

A receptive and invested crowd came to the show, ready to listen and receive.

The music of the show was indicative of the contrast between the two records. The second record, “To Not Disappear,” as its title suggests, has a stronger, heavier and more grounded sound than Daughter’s debut album. Songs from both records were played; the differences in texture and style between the second and first records were highlighted in the juxtaposition of the more soft and unassuming songs of the first with the heavier, sample rock beats sound of the second.

As front woman, between songs, Elena Tonra would make candid, unassuming comments about her tea from the stage, all the while laying her heart bare during songs for the whole crowd to see.

Tonra frequently writes deeply introspective, open lyrics filled with imagery in her songs. They range from deep and nuanced, simple and fragile to candid and blunt. This variety of language and sound, the candid and expressive attitude of Tonra and the overall concert atmosphere encouraged a reflective attitude in the audience.