“Supergirl” a refreshingly female driven superhero show

I was a little frightened to watch “Supergirl.” DC hasn’t exactly inspired me with their superhero shows so far — “Flash” is okay, but I didn’t really like “Arrow” — and DC’s most recent entry was “Man of Steel.” As anyone close to me knows, I hate that movie. Despite that, though, I found myself utterly blown away by the two episodes that we have so far.

“Supergirl” features a stunning cast of characters that comic nerds may recognize — there’s Supergirl; her civilian sister who is more than she appears; her outspoken female boss, Cat Grant; her coworker, the son of Toyman; and James Olsen, flitting over from his job at Superman’s side to join Supergirl’s entourage. The actors are all great, bringing life to their characters, and the plot is coherent. Even though I know Supergirl’s mythology inside and out, it’s a show that anyone can jump in on. You’ve never read a comic in your life? You’ve never watched a single superhero movie? Doesn’t matter. You won’t be lost here.

This show is not about Superman — in fact, he’s not even in it. This is a show about a female superhero. Supergirl is the first female DC superhero to get her own show since “Wonder Woman” ended in 1979 and the second female DC superhero to get a show, period. Thankfully, the show delivers. The special effects are well done and the plot is great for both new fans and returning ones. And, most importantly, a conscience effort is made to take Supergirl away from Superman. She’s not just “Superman’s cousin” — she’s her own character with her own story.

The show’s creators address the fact that Supergirl is a woman and that she’s treated by society differently because of it. The creators don’t hold back in this area, even using the word “feminist” on the show! A woman in the show remarks on how it’s great that there’s a female superhero for her daughter to look up to. Supergirl’s boss remarks on the fact that women have to work twice as hard as men to get half the recognition. It’s feminist, it’s beautiful and it works.

As someone who dearly adores Superman, though seeing the theme of hope resonate so strongly throughout the entire show is so immensely important, and so key to this group of heroes. The beautiful songs from the “Man of Steel” movie? Supergirl gets similar ones. She’s powerful and she is part of a well put-together TV show that made me tear up just from sheer happiness several times during the first episode. I’m living in a world where there is a Supergirl TV show – a feminist, amazing Supergirl TV show. If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought I would see a female superhero TV show coming from DC, after how the last one did, I would’ve laughed. Heavens, no. They wouldn’t do something like that. But they did.

Supergirl” is an amazing show. Whether or not you like superheroes, whether or not you’ve seen anything else from DC, or even Marvel you should watch this. We get to see a female superhero leading her own show and her own story in an amazing show. We haven’t gotten one of these for over three decades. “Supergirl” has a great plot, a great story, great characters, great special effects and great acting. Please, watch this show. You won’t regret it.