Fall television season offers new comedy and drama

Fall is an exciting time of the year for fans of television because it’s the season with the most show premieres. A giant batch of new shows is set to premiere every year in September and October, but not all can survive. A new show needs to go above and beyond in the ratings to assure its chances of making it past its first season. For every show that is dead on arrival, there are several promising freshman shows worth tuning in for.

Networks are trying hard to push their comedies this season. One of NBC’s biggest players is new couples comedy “Marry Me.” Put together by the talent behind the cult hit “Happy Endings,” Ken Marino and former SNL star Casey Wilson star in this new comedy as a couple who seem perfect on the surface, yet can’t seem to make it to the next step of their relationship (you guessed it: engagement). It sounds average, but the talent in front of, and behind the camera should be enough to help the simple sounding comedy stay afloat.

Another show that sounds average, yet has a lot going for it is “Mulaney.” Fox’s newest sitcom from stand-up comedian and former SNL writer, John Mulaney. The show seems to be going for a “Seinfeld” vibe, focusing on the everyday struggles of living in New York City and infusing it with wacky characters and comedy routines.

Perhaps the most anticipated dramedy of the season is NBC’s “A to Z,” a romantic comedy that chronicles a relationship from beginning to end between Andrew and Zelda (“How I Met Your Mother”’s Cristin Milioti). This series is being compared to a TV version of the hit indie film “(500) Days of Summer,.” If it follows that format correctly; it should be a huge win for viewers and the network.

On the dramatic end of the spectrum, all eyes seem to be on the superheroes. Fox is coming right out of the gate with “Gotham,” a Batman-based prequel that follows the character of Commissioner Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as a young man trying to protect the streets of Gotham City from iconic villains, such as Poison Ivy and Penguin, before the caped crusader came to be.

The CW is getting into the superhero game as well with their new series “The Flash.” This show can thank Arrow and its devoted following for even being created, as it opened DC comics up to the idea of having a live-action superhero universe on the small screen. Not many people are aware of The Flash’s origins, or the characters in his world, but the CW is hoping to change that.

Going along with the comic book theme, NBC is hoping to bring the character of Constantine to life. Based on the DC comic, “Hellblazer,” “Constantine” follows a seasoned demon hunter who struggles to find the balance between good and evil as he tries to fend off the evil creatures he once campaigned for. Reactions at San Diego Comic Con were solid, and it sounds like it’s full of enough content to keep every episode fresh.

But why only focus on the new shows of the season when so many fan favorites are returning? The newly-awarded Golden Globe series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is back for a second season, “The Blacklist” is high up on everyone’s radar and “Saturday Night Live” fans eagerly await the news of who will be hosting and performing the fortieth season opener.

Shows like “Parks and Recreation” are entering into their final season, which will hopefully give fans of Leslie Knope and company something to cheer about. It is still unclear when the last season will air, but keep fingers crossed for an early date.

Television has an exciting season coming up, whether it’s a new show you are looking to find or the anticipation of an already loved one, there will be something for everybody to watch this fall.