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Calvin Theatre Company set to premiere its fall production

The Calvin Theatre Company will take to the Gezon Auditorium this Thursday night for a two-week run of their fall production, “An Ideal Husband.”

The play, which was first staged in 1895 by acclaimed playwright and author Oscar Wilde, takes place against the backdrop of high society and politics in Victorian-era London.

Theatre professor Debra Freeberg, who is also the director of the production, sees Wilde’s play as an “ideal” fit for the Calvin Theatre Company.

“‘An Ideal Husband’ allows for us to talk about contemporary issues and explore what it means to be a flawed human being,” Freeberg said.

The play follows the story of Sir Robert Chiltern, a successful and fast-rising member of Parliament who is forced to face his past when he is blackmailed into supporting a scheme to build a canal in Argentina. As Sir Robert tries to prevent his wife from finding out about his mistake, he enlists the help of his friend Lord Arthur Goring, a charming and irreverent bachelor who must also face his past.

One of the unique aspects of the play is its detailed and often humorous look into the political system of Great Britain and how that political wit is merged together with what is essentially a story about love and finding our identity. Freeberg agreed that Wilde’s word-crafting is a defining characteristic of “An Ideal Husband.”

“I love the wit and heart of this play,” Freeberg said. “Personally, I love plays that explore themes of identity with rich and vibrant language.”

In addition to its story and language, Freeberg believes that the process it took to stage the play is what it sets it apart.

“I think our emphasis on process makes us somewhat unique from other programs that are solely interested in the end product,” Freeberg said. “How we get there is as important to us as an excellent product.”

As a result, Freeberg is excited for audiences to see the show.

“This will be a memorable show for our Calvin community,” Freeberg said.

Freeberg is also particularly excited about the young men and women behind the play.

“What excites me about this production is the work that the students are doing, [both] on and off stage,” Freeberg said. “I am so proud of the design team and the crew and the cast.”

The Calvin Theatre Company’s production of “An Ideal Husband” stars Alex Cook as Sir Robert Chiltern and Brian Alford as Lord Goring. Mary Alley, Emily Wetzel and Jennifer Kang lead the female cast as Lady Chiltern, Sir Robert’s sister Mabel and the villainous Mrs. Laura Cheveley, respectively.

“An Ideal Husband” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 7-9 and 14-16. Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the door for students and $10 in advance and $15 at the door for the public.

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