Mutemath to perform at Calvin

Mutemath has been performing musical wizardry for about a decade now. Since their first EP, “Reset,” to their most recent album “Odd Soul,” they’ve gone from a spaced-out Indie group with a heavy emphasis on atmospherics to jazzy rock band with more kick than the Black Keys.

Few musical acts are able to pull off such drastic tonal changes over their careers without violent fan kickback, but Mutemath remains unscathed. Rather than growing comfortable with their sound, they expand on it, sounding more invigorating and tight as a group than they ever have before.

Listen to “Spotlight,” the glittery, hyped-up pop song of Twilight fame, side by side with the disjointed, jazzy-rock title track from their newest album “Odd Soul” — the change is drastic, and yet both remain distinctly ‘Mutemath songs.’

Along with their musical prowess is a constant stream of live shows that brim with all the creativity and energy held in their albums. From the lead singer crowd-surfing on a glowing mattress to drum solos in the middle of the crowd, the audience will have nary a clue what to expect next.

Calvin has been trying for years to get Mutemath to come back, and this year it finally succeeded.

Mute Math is taking a break from writing their newest album to bring their live show to Calvin this Friday, Mar. 1 at 8 p.m., in the Covenant Fine Arts Center (CFAC). Tickets cost $10 with a Calvin ID and $25 to the public.