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Julia McKee
Julia is a co-campus editor for the 2017 spring semester. She is a junior literature major and business minor, hoping to someday go into the book publishing industry. She currently lives in Eastown and digs all the trendy coffee shops. She admires thought provoking literature and films that highlight current social issues. She loves learning, especially about cultures and viewpoints that are different from her own. She’s a proud Chicagoland native, but Grand Rapids now holds a very special place in her heart (probably because of all the coffee shops). She’s a Game of Thrones enthusiast and will discuss fan theories anytime anywhere. When’s she not working at Chimes, nannying, doing homework, or going to class, she’s most definitely think about her cats (shoutout to Snickers, Captain, and Rascals). She is honored to be on the Chimes staff this semester and aspires to represent the voice of the community.

Julia McKee, Campus News Editor

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