Calvin University Chimes

Opinion: Modern evangelicalism is at odds with historic Christianity

Joshua Polanski, Religion Editor

October 4, 2018

Christianity has always stood against the venomous rhetoric and bigotry of dangerous demagogues, even if their politics seemed favorable to Christian leaders. Simply put, the Christian faith doesn’t endorse unrepentant reprobates;...

Editorial: Never ignore opportunities

Michelle Hofman, Editor-in-Chief

September 21, 2018

The completion of Friday the 21st will mark the third week of this semester. Classes are well underway. Schedules have been normalized. This being my senior year of college, I’ve been pretty nostalgic, thinking back to my first year ...

Why Christianity matters, but not exclusively

Yolanda Chow

September 19, 2018

Re: In a recent opinion piece titled “Purpose for purpose: why Christianity matters now more than ever,” a fellow Christian offered insight and encouragement as to why and ho...

Christianity matters now more than ever

David I. Widjaja, Guest Writer

September 13, 2018

Having a purpose is inevitable. It can be as simple as going to college for the purpose of getting a higher education. However, it can also be quite complex when one dives into the purpose of the purpose itself. For example, my pur...

The problem with modern movements

Conner Veenstra, Guest Writer

September 13, 2018

Movements by the people to support important values are a long held American tradition, beginning with our nation’s fight for independence. Martin Luther King Jr. championed a modern movement based on peaceful protest. So much...

Opinion: Response to ‘Let’s talk about the F-word’

Matthew Schepers, Guest Writer

May 5, 2018

As a Calvin alum and graduate student in the natural sciences, I take issue with Mr. Veenstra’s characterization of science and the scientific method in his essay published last week attempting to rationalize a fundamentalist...