Calvin University Chimes

Calvin should grandfather students into their entry tuition price

Andrew Olson

June 5, 2020

Every year,students see the cost of tuition rise. It's not by relatively huge amounts, but for the students and parents who are paying, $1,500 can still be significant. With the rising cost of higher education, many universiti...

Black staff fought for Calvin to speak out against racial injustice; it’s time for their white counterparts to do the same.

Michelle Guinyard & Rachel Hamilton, Exiting Area Coordinator for Boer-Bennink and Beets Veenstra & Resident Director for Rooks VanDellen

June 2, 2020

As Black women working at a predominantly white institution (PWI) in the Residence Life department, the one thing that has kept us in our roles here over the past six years has been our connection with students of color. Living ...

Letter to the Editor: Alumni call for board chair apology

Alumni of Chimes, Guest Writers

May 14, 2020

Almost 50 former staff members of Chimes, including more than a dozen former editors in chief, signed the following letter to the editor: Dear Editor, We represent a group of former staff members of Chimes. Thank you for your ...

Student Senate commends the passing of new faculty requirements

Emerson Silvernail, Student Body President

May 9, 2020

Student Senate is celebrating the new faculty requirements passed, as the changes will better the institution’s educational abilities and fulfill the long-term desires of students for reform. Calvin’s previous faculty requirements lim...

Interim change leaves students, especially engineering students, hanging out to dry

Lexie Lundquist and Sam Crow, Guest Writers

April 29, 2020

In the midst of academic advising, Calvin made an announcement that starting next academic year, students will no longer be required to take any interim classes to graduate. Many students are likely celebrating this news, as inter...

Student senate’s plan for spring

Catherine Casturo, Student Senate VP of Administration

April 20, 2020

Student Senate is committed to serving the student body as a representative voice, and this mission has not changed as Calvin moved classes online. We have transitioned our meetings to MS teams, and the projects that were in progress...