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Intro to Podcasts

Maxwell Howard

September 28, 2012

Some people think public radio is a dying art, but they are wrong. In a generation that grows up with iPods and auxiliary cords for their cars, it may seem like radios are becoming more and more out of place. However, thanks to...

Fall guide to film and theaters

Maxwell Howard

September 26, 2012

It’s a great year for film; there is no doubt about it. Last week, Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” was sent into wider release, Terrance Malick is premiering his latest work “To The Wonder” in Venice, and we h...

Inspiration for modern futurists

Maxwell Howard

September 21, 2012

Jason Silva is a rock star. Kind of. He’s an optimist to be sure. Jason Silva calls himself a “performance philosopher.” After earning degrees in both philosophy and film at the University of Miami, Silva naturally began...

Philip Roth doesn’t understand Wikipedia

Maxwell Howard

September 14, 2012

Philip Roth is no idiot. Let’s get that out of the way first. But Roth, author of “Zuckerman Unbound,” “Ghost Writer,” “Portnoy’s Complaint” and short stories students will most likely run into in their colleg...

Meet the Chimes staff!

Meet the Chimes staff!

September 6, 2012