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ParaNorman: quirky depiction of classic fable

Sam Wade

September 5, 2012

Equal parts old-school and cutting edge, “ParaNorman” is a delightfully funny, thought provoking, and visually innovated stop-motion animated film from the makers of “Coraline.” Like the undead, animated movies are...

Editors’ A&E picks

Chimes Staff

September 5, 2012

Abby Zwart The best film I saw this summer was "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Featuring one of the most precocious and ferociously adorable child actors you'll ever see, the movie was one of the most atmospheric and transporting...

Writers’ top three favorite pop culture events of summer 2012

Jonathan Hielkema

September 5, 2012

Jonathan Hielkema “Kids on the Slope”: Animation producer Shinichiro Watanabe has become known for creating shows saturated in music and music culture (see “Cowboy Bebop” and “Samurai Champloo”). Kids on the Slope i...

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54

Nick Keeley

September 5, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan, an Academy Award nominated actor for 1999’s “The Green Mile,” died on Monday due to complications from a heart attack.  He was 54. A beloved character actor by fans and fellow actors alike, Duncan...