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Small specimen with bladed crystals from Adelaide Mine in Tasmania. Photo by Melissa Sorrentino.

Mineral Spotlight: Crocoite

Melissa Sorrentino, Staff Writer April 26, 2018

In 1766 an expedition in the Ural Mountains of Russia unintentionally exposed stunning flame-red crystals. In 1832 the crystals were given the name crocoise from the Greek word for saffron, referencing...

A bright pink, sliced rhodochrosite stalactite from Argentina is on display in the Calvin Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum. Photo by Melissa Sorrentino.

Mineral Spotlight: Rhodochrosite

Melissa Sorrentino, Staff Writer April 18, 2018

Rhodochrosite is a mineral known for its cherry red to hot pink crystals, which are generally a few centimeters in size but can be larger. Many of the world’s most valued rhodochrosite specimens were...

Credit: Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons User Gunnar Ries
Aquamarine is on display in the Dice Mineralogical Museum in North Hall.

Mineral Spotlight: Aquamarine

Melissa Sorrentino, Staff Writer April 5, 2018

This month’s birthstone, aquamarine, takes its name from its color, which ranges from pale blue to sky blue to greenish-blue. The name actually means “water of the sea” in Latin. Crystals of aquamarine...

Malachite has been treasured for centuries for its color and supposed magical powers. Photo By Melissa Sorentino.

Mineral Spotlight: Malachite

Melissa Sorrentino, Staff Writer March 5, 2018

Malachite is a beautiful mineral known for its intense green color. Thousands of years ago, it was also ground into a powder and used as a coloring pigment. Malachite is one of the oldest known copper...

Photo by Jessica Zylstra.

Mineral Spotlight: Gold

Melissa Sorrentino, Staff Writer February 13, 2018

Gold is one of the world’s most popular minerals. Gold is both a native element and a precious metal and is one of the most useful minerals mined from the earth. Throughout history, gold has been...

Photo by Camille VanderVeen.

Mineral spotlight: Apatite

Melissa Sorrentino, Guest Writer December 1, 2017

Hopefully your Thanksgiving was a pleasant one, filled with lots of turkey, stuffing and all the works. At the Dice Mineralogical Museum, we sure had a large apatite.   Though the mineral itself may...

Photo courtesy Dice Mineralogical Museum.

Mineral spotlight: Crocoite

Daniel Blakemore April 27, 2017

Crocoite is an exotic red-orange mineral with elongated crystals and often waxy luster. Its deep color and rarity make it a highly sought-after mineral for collectors. Crocoite forms in the oxidation zone...

Photo courtesy

Mineral Spotlight: Dioptase

Daniel Blakemore March 10, 2017

Dioptase is a mineral highly coveted by collectors for exhibiting one of the most intense blue-green colors seen in nature. Dioptase forms beautiful 6-sided crystals with perfect cleavage planes which...

Mineral spotlight: Autunite

Daniel Blakemore February 24, 2017

Autunite is a wonderful mineral for several reasons. First and most obviously is the distinctive bright lime-green color and unusual rectangular tabular crystal habit it can achieve — resembling sheets...

Mineral spotlight: Ice

Daniel Blakemore February 3, 2017

It is about that time in the winter season when the warmth of the holidays has worn off, and those of us in Michigan are left with the cold and snow for a couple more months. Roads and walkways remain...

Mineral Spotlight: Pigeonite

Daniel Blakemore January 11, 2017

Pigeonite is a common rock forming mineral that belongs to the pyroxene mineral group.  Pyroxenes are silicate minerals with varying amounts of calcium, iron and magnesium, and the pigeonite member has...

Mineral spotlight: corundum

Daniel Blakemore November 11, 2016

Better known from its colored varieties, ruby and sapphire, corundum is a highly appealing mineral for both decorative and industrial use. The bright, deep colors along with its rarity and high hardness...

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