Calvin Students studying in Kenya safe following terrorist attack


Screenshot taken of Google Maps

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, terrorists made an attack on Nairobi, Kenya, one of the destinations for Calvin students studying abroad for interim. The group of students and two faculty members are safe following the incident.

The students are abroad for the Leadership in Africa interim trip, led by Bob Crow, Director of Commuter Student Life and Assessment, and Dr. Peter Snyder, an associate business professor. Dr. Donald De Graaf, director of Off Campus Programs (OCP), confirmed the students were safe in a statement in Student News.

“The Kenyan interim group is safe and healthy and staying in a safe location about 90 minutes outside of Nairobi,” the statement noted. “We ask for your prayers for the continued safety of our students and also for those directly impacted by this tragedy.”

At the time of the attack, the group was in Naivasha, a location about 60 miles away from Nairobi, Crow said. The group has now moved to a location six hours away from the attack, De Graaf told the Chimes, and have spent the last two days at the Maasai Mara Game reserve.

“The professors are processing the experience with students and also monitoring the events on the ground in Kenya,” De Graaf said.

At the game reserve, the students were able to see a lot of wildlife in their natural habitat. The professors and students are all doing well, De Graaf said, relaying that one student stated “we are thriving.”

“Our hearts have been heavy since for this country we have come to love and respect,” Crow said. The group is receiving alerts from the U.S. embassy, and remaining in close contact with De Graaf.

As Crow said, “We are safe. We are thankful. And we continue to pray for Kenya.”