Knights of Calvin: Brandyn Louwsma


Photo courtesy Brandyn Louwsma.

Chimes: Introduce Yourself:  

Louwsma Hi, my name is Brandyn Louwsma. I’m a sophomore nursing major.

Chimes: What do you love about lacrosse?

Louwsma: The reason I love lacrosse is because the team feels just like a family. The sport itself is amazing—being able to play in a contact sport is such an enjoyable experience. It is both a mental and physical effort to continue to grow as a player and person.  

Chimes: Why did you choose Calvin?

Louwsma: I chose Calvin College because I felt it was the best place to grow in my faith. Calvin has been able to incorporate God and our beliefs into our everyday life.  

Chimes: Why are you interested in your major?

Louwsma: The reason I am interested in nursing is because I enjoy being around others and being able to use the gifts that God has given me to help others.  

Chimes: How do you manage your time as an athlete?

Louwsma: I manage my time with help from student services. I have been set up with tutors and use a planner to plan out every day.

Chimes: What activities do you enjoy outside of sports?

Louwsma: Outside of sports I enjoy drawing, running, wrestling with my brother and friends as well as playing video games.  

Chimes: How do you feel about this season?

Louwsma: I feel this season will be great. I am looking forward to winning a season with a great group of guys. We will be working hard to be the best team out on the field.  

Chimes: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Louwsma: In 10 years I will be working as a traveling nurse, exploring the country and working with others while enjoying life.